It completely depends on your interest. Even if someone suggests you the best course, you wont succeed if you don’t like it.

*Chartered Accountant

A chartered accountant, accredited by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, deals with financial aspects of business such as auditing & taxation.

Job Scope: Private Practice, Financial Advisor

Relevant Courses: Master of Business Administration

*Company Secretary

Equipped with full knowledge of corporate laws, capital markets, and corporate governance, Company Secretary in a company ensures all regulatory compliances in short, medium and long-term functioning.

Job Scope: Investment Banker, Stock Exchanges, Compliance Officer, Corporate Planner

Relevant Courses: Bachelor of Law, Master of Business Administration

Cost & Management Accountants

Cost & Management Accountants are governed by Institute of Cost Accountants of India. They are trained in subject areas such as management accounting, corporate laws, taxation, cost accounting etc.

Job Scope: Cost Accountant, Management Accountant

Relevant Courses: Certifications, Master of Business Administration

*Bachelor of Commerce

A Bachelor of Commerce is a three year undergraduate degree programme in business and commerce. It also equips candidate with basic understating of related subjects such as economics, marketing, statistics etc.

Job Scope: Account Executive, Financial Analyst

Relevant Courses: :Master of Commerce, Master of Business Administration

*Bachelor of Business Administration

Bachelor of Business Administration is a three years bachelor’s degree in management and includes both general business courses as well as advanced courses in different specializations.

Job Scope: Business Development Executive, Office Operations

Relevant Courses: Master of Business Administration


The best thing is that one doesn’t need to have high scores in exams to pursue such courses. Also, they are job oriented programs, since the fields they are related with are seeing growth phase.

The courses have been programmed to train students take on various roles in the Hotel as well as Tourism Industry. And these two fields, thanks to Globalization, are going through phases of tremendous growth. Along with this growth, these fields are also generating number of job opportunities. Qualified professionals will find it pretty easy to land decent paying jobs after completing Hotel Management courses.

One can do:

Bachelor of Hotel Management

Some important subjects taught in this program are-

Communication Skills (English)
Food Production (Theory as well as Practical)
House Keeping
Front End Operations
Management Skills
Business Law
Nutrition and Food Science
Business Ethics
Human Resource Management
Event Management
Public Relations
Travel Management
Entrepreneurial Skills
Diploma in Hotel Management

Some important topics taught in this Diploma program are-

Front Officer Operations
Management Skills
HR Management
Communications Skills
Food Production and Nutrition
Principles of Hotel and Tourism Management
BSc in Hotel Management and Catering

Some important subjects covered in this program are-

Communications Skills
Hotel Management and Administration
Front Office Management
Event Management
Food Production
Travel Management
Tourism and Travel Management
Marketing Management
B.B.A in Hotel and Management

Some important topics covered in this course, along with the traditional Management topics are-

Tourism Management
Hotel and Hospitality Management
Human Resource Management
Travel Management
Advertising and Promotion
Communication Skills

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