> Work is modern day slavery. We are paid just enough to live on, but nothing more. If you ask for more than that, you will be punished.

> We are often insulted at work. At times (more than reported) they were physically abused, raped and castrated. The government takes up to 50% of your salary and 10-20% of it is used to kill people in other parts of the world, including our own children.

> We believe that business friends are true friends. Talk to your friends at work about pens and cubicles. We stop having real friends.

> It has a glass ceiling. It doesn’t matter if you’re female, minority or white. The glass ceiling means that even if he’s an idiot, he can’t do more than the Master.

> From 7am to 7pm, I go to work, work, or come back from work. The time when you can be most creative is trash compacting in your cabin.

> You eat shit at work. Even worse, you have to shit next to your co-workers and masters. Unless you map out all the secret toilets in your local city rot, like I did.

> If you’re paranoid about your job, you’re probably right.In fact, they’re talking about you now and betraying you.

> You realize that all the money you spent on a degree to get a job that makes you happy has been a total waste. You’ve been scammed and you can’t tell the next generation, so be part of keeping the scam alive today.

> A trillion-dollar marketing campaign forced me to buy a house I didn’t really want.If I didn’t bow to my master every day, I would be “losing the house” that I never really owned. The term “dream” was coined by Fannie Mae 40 years ago in a marketing campaign to sell mortgages to slaves.

> Your spouse is tired of hearing about your girlfriend’s job in six months and you don’t care about her. 10 years later you wake up next to a complete stranger, 40 years later you die next door.

> Your IRA shouldn’t provide your retirement benefits.It should cost you money every month to keep you chained to a cabin. Inflation accounts for his 90% of the IRA. By definition you create more value than you get. This spread minus the salaries of the executives is called “profit.” This is not “ism”. just a definition.

> As a child, you loved drawing, reading, running, laughing, playing and imagining magical worlds. You will never do such a thing again.

> Over time everyone will be laid off and replaced by a younger, cheaper, more temporary version of you. They see this but are afraid to do anything about it .

>> You see homeless people and you think, “I’m going 

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