All you have to do is become the best software developer you know. Earning a higher salary is just a consequence of being the best.

Software development is about solving problems. They are good at doing three simple things:

  • Know what problem you are solving
  • To solve this problem
  • Tell the world you solved a problem

Easy to say, hard to do. Know every aspect of what you do. Find a problem to solve. Understand the problem, why you need to solve it, when you need to solve it, what will happen if you don’t solve it, and why you are the best person to solve it Please understand.

Please find a way to solve the problem. Find out which technology is right for you and plan how to solve the problem. Identify people who can help you with a solution. And finally just solve it.

Let them know the issue is resolved. Document how you resolved it. Clarify why you solved the problem in the way you solved it. And do this consistently for any problem thrown at you.

you will be the best and get many rewards

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