A job interview is not only a test of your knowledge but also of your ability to use it at the right time. Preparing for your first job interview requires an understanding of the key areas you need to focus on. I’ll walk you through some of the most important factors to consider when preparing for your first interview.

So let’s get started.

1.Be honest with your resume:

Don’t lie about anything on your resume. If you’re lying, you won’t be sure to answer about it, and you’ll start to worry. So let’s be honest.
· Don’t underestimate the expertise and skills you must have in lying.
· Emphasize your strengths and your willingness to learn anything you have no experience with.

2. Prepare your presentation well:

· Once your CV has been prepared, give a self-presentation that you can complete in 1 minute 30 seconds. Presentations that are too long will be inaudible and seem boring.
· Highlight your strengths, technical or non-technical.
· Be careful with your self-introduction because it can make a good impression.

3. Always keep a basic question for several answers:

· Some questions like strengths and weaknesses need a basic story to support your answer. Often, when there is a weakness, a basic story to back up your answer will make it easier for you and the interviewer to understand how you overcome that weakness. And the same goes for strengths.

. Always re-read your CV:
· Check your CV twice. Make sure it has no grammatical or spelling errors.
· resume mistakes make a bad impression.

4. Have some background knowledge about the company:

Briefly read about the company you are running for. Read up on the different areas the company operates in, the names of the executives, the headquarters, why the company is in the latest news, and more.
· Trust me if you answer these questions well, it will make a very good impression. This shows that you are aware of the company’s work and that you care about it.
5. Prepare well for the technical round:
· Prepare notes for frequently asked technical questions. Do this 3-
days before the interview. Prepare answers for them and be thorough with all the basics on the topics you covered on your resume.
· Also, be prepared for year-end project questions. Review schematics and block diagrams if available, as they are easier to explain in less time.
6. The HR circle:
· The HR ring plays an important role. Research frequently asked HR questions (you can get them from a variety of sources). Prepare each answer in a few lines to support your answer or point.
7. Decide and prepare your outfit the night before:
· Wear comfortable, well-ironed clothes. If in doubt, check out the frames on the about me page. Dress like this.
· Have a dignified and sophisticated look. Do not equip too many accessories.
Key points to remember (before, after, and during the interview):
– Be positive and confident
– Ensure good body language: Sit in good posture, and maintain eye contact. Be gentle and maintain a slight smile on your face.
– Honesty
– Punctual
– Only give 100% to yourself. If you try your best and still don’t get an offer, that’s life.
– Courtesy
– Pay attention and listen to them well. In case you don’t understand the question, politely ask again.
Just keep these things in mind and prepare well. Try your best and keep trying until you succeed.
Hope this helps you 😊

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