How much time do you spend getting ready for interviews?

Jerry Seinfeld once performed for eight people in disco basements.

He was anxiously awaiting his big break.

It took the form of a phone call from The Tonight Show in 1981.

The show had a reputation for bringing up-and-coming comedians quickly to paid stardom.

Jerry was given three minutes to make his mark.

He responded : When asked how many times he practiced that part before the big night:

Million times.”

His performance on the segment was flawless, and his career took off.

The arc of that story is similar to the one you’ll face in your next job interview.

Your life could be completely altered by that conversation.

Happier days, better pay, great people, and so on.

I spent more than ten hours preparing for each company that contacted me before an interview.

I was aware that I had no control over other people’s experience, grades, internship opportunities, etc.

However, I had control over my preparation.

I would never be outworked by anyone.

I was going to work the most hours and learn everything I could about the company, the position, and my interviews.

It worked out.

You need to do the same if you really want that next job.

Control what you can.

You cannot be outworked.


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