I assume you are a teen.

  • Earning means you must have certain skills.
  • Dedicate a fixed amount of hours for learning skills. In the time of Online learning, you have got the freedom of learning any damn thing you wanted to learn.
  • Now as work from home is the trend which will, of course, continue in future also, so just keep in mind the key skills required in working from home.
  • Let’s say you start learning Content writingCopyright, and Coding, you may learn video editing, photoshop, etc. Do freelancing, build websites, and make Apps. There are plenty of apps available to start with.
  • Let’s say you are very creative at designing things, you can be a very good designer while sitting at home, Polish your skills of designing a logo, learn to make digital logos.
  • Let’s say you love doing Random experiments. You start recording them and put them on YouTube, insta handle, or other social media with consistently uploading data. Who knows maybe someone like tomorrow will love your work and start sponsoring you?
  • Let’s say you are a very good teacher. Start teaching at your local level initially at a very low cost. Kids these days locally really need good teachers. With Google meetings, you can easily handle local students.
  • Let’s say you have free time and you can do reselling of shoes. Just create 1 Instagram page and start reselling. Whom to contact for getting shoes you can get the details from me through DM.
  • Learn to solve the cube, at least 3X3, and then start teaching the skills. Learn cooking, make good videos and start teaching, etc
  • You see in each point it starts with Learn and then earn. It is very important to keep learning throughout our life and keep earning throughout our life. How to make it happen depends on you, and how you see the world around you. Luck also matters but if you won’t learn luck won’t fetch you things alone.
  • Be a keen observer.
  • The golden rule is just get up and start doing
  • Get up and start doing
  • Get up and start doing.


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